Beat the Competition with Small Battle #Automarketing

Cinco De Mayo, a day we all love to celebrate with Coronas and Margaritas, is really about the unlikely win of the Mexican army over France. And who doesn’t love a great underdog story?


Every single March, our Fantasy basketball brackets are busted when a proverbial colossal giant is devastated in an imbalanced match by a seemingly insignificant opponent – but instead of being upset, a part of us rejoices at the improbable win.

Isn’t it time to get your marketing money running past the largest competitors in your market?

Start by paying attention to the little battles. The first thing that every consumer does is looks at reputation. Yes, even over prices, selection, and gimmicks.  If you get only 20 visitors a week, treat them right, make their visit worth their while or set up a 2-day customer service training class where the skills needed for positive reviews and referrals are perfect.

Studies show that satisfied customers buy more, buy more often, and that they tell their friends to buy. On average, a happy client tells 9 people about their experience!

Once you’re focused, prepared, and trained on how to consistently deliver great service then work on building your traffic counts and database by running a direct mail campaign of 45,000 + pieces through a company that has great proven results and fantastic service itself (hint…

After your first event, your flawless name will be floating around the community bringing it’s own buzz to the party. It’ll be your job to keep up the good fight and remain a positive influence. Remember to focus on growing by winning the small battles and celebrating the successes along the way.



The 5 Tools Everyone in the Car Industry Needs

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” -Wayne Huizenga


What are you doing to create success in your life and at your dealership? If you are doing the same thing, day in and day out, with a limited positive impact- you need a jump-start your productivity heart. We here at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions have decided to share the top five tools that EVERYONE in the car industry should be using.

5. Dealership management software. The days of pen and paper are long gone. Update your backend system intake by reviewing the best all-in-one management software for your dealership.  By tracking showroom traffic, service conversions, and sales, you can visually see how to improve the flow of your business- and that is always a smart move.

4. Social Media. Everyone has tried it but few have stuck with it. 25% of Smartphone Owners Ages 18–44 Say They Cannot recall the last Time Their Smartphone Wasn’t Next to Them.  Our phones have literally become a part of our cultural identity. Without constant interaction on your part, you run the risk of becoming non-relevant and a non-relevant dealership is one that is struggling. Frequently update at least two social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) on a daily basis. Your millennial customers want to be personal, make sure you are available to connect.

3. Co-op Money. Advertise with a vendor approved marketing agency and use your co-op advertising budget. Every year millions of allocated dollars are left on the table. Take advantage of these programs because free advertising money is always a good thing.

2. Help influence customers to check out your site, lot, and service center with a forecasted business plan. You cannot reach your destination without knowing where you are going. The best plans will shape monthly, quarterly, year over year, and multi-year goals into a comprehensive strategy. Your plan should focus on new business acquisition and target audiences, existing business growth strategies, and customer appreciation growth tactics. By the end of a 90 day executed design, your sales staff should be wiping the sweat from their brows!

  1. A Great Marketing Team. There is no way around it, if you want to increase your numbers you have to develop a cohesive cross platform-branding plan. It is not enough to just run a campaign; you must have a recognizable name with a consistent message on every platform. Whether you use an in-house team or hire an outside company be will handle the responsibility for you. Your future is dependent on it.

Although it is not easy, it is important to remember that even with the necessary tools, marketing can change in an instant. Be prepared to devote a significant amount of time, money, and energy into research, advertising, social media, and branding efforts. Follow your company mission statement, and you will see that honesty to your self is the greatest means in winning life-long customers.

If you are looking for a compliant marketing company that is capable of helping you plan a 30,60,90, or yearly plan contact Cornerstone Marketing Solutions today.

Don’t You Want to Sell More Cars?!

The most successful automotive dealerships are doing something that the rest are not. Politicians and corporations do it. Sports teams and to shows do it. Celebrities and chain restaurants do it. So what makes some companies successful and others struggle?

Sell more unit

Dealerships that have the highest numbers prosper because they multi-platform advertise!

In many ways, multi-platform advertising or full service marketing is a popularity game. People will respect you more, or in this case are willing to use your services or buy vehicles from you, the more of you they see.

The days of telephone books and a once a year simple mailer are OVER.

Without widespread recognition, you are a commodity, just another stop down dealership row. So, be smart and begin touching on different generations in different locations. Utilize everything that is available from radio and Pandora, to billboards, Youtube and Vimeo along with social media, print campaigns, online targeting, and community events.

By creating a “you are everywhere” position, you will eliminate competition because there is no other dealership who does exactly what you do.

If you want your dealership to be unique and a specialty with information spanning across a variety of sources and channels contact us to set up a trial 90 day full service plan designed specifically for you!